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Trad Chicken Dishes

JALFREZI (fairly hot)
£ 7.15   

A stir- fried curry containing plenty of whole green chilies very fresh tastingand hot.

BALTHI (medium)
£ 6.95   

Medium spiced dish cooked with onion, green peppers, tomatoes, coriander and special balti paste.

PALAK (medium)
£ 6.95   

Traditional Punjabi dish, cooked with spinach tempered with garlic and onion.

KORAI (medium)
£ 6.95   

Cooked with mixes of herbs and spices, green peppers, tomatoes and sliced onions.

KORMA (mild)
£ 6.15   

Cooked in a mild sauce, with fresh cream, almonds and coconut to give a thick and creamy flavour.

BHUNA (medium)
£ 6.15   

Cooked with tomatoes, herbs and medium spices to create a medium spiced dish.

£ 6.95   

All time favourite

DUPIAZA (medium)
£ 6.15   

Cooked with dices of sliced onions with herbs and spices to create a medium spiced dish.

DANSAK (fairly hot)
£ 6.40   

A sweet and sour dish with lentils that creates a fairly hot dish.

PATHIA (fairly hot)
£ 6.15   

A hot sweet and sour dish, cooked with onions and tomato.

Chicken Pasanda
£ 6.95   

a North Indian dish that uses tender pieces of chicken that has been marinated in spices. Cooked with cream , nuts and freshly ground ginger 

ROGAN ( medium )
£ 6.15   

Cooked with grilled tomatoes, onions, garlic and medium spices to create a medium spiced dish.